Earth Bowl Candle w Citrus
Earth Bowl Candle w Citrus

Earth Bowl Candle w Citrus

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These candles are all created from high grade soy wax. Designed for conscious consumers poured into hand made, textural, small, earth bowls. Each candle is intuitively made and finished with organic flowers and crystals.  

The surface of each earth bowl is hand painted non toxic glazes which are food safe, designed to re use the vessel after the candle is finished. These ceramics are fired to a high temperate making each piece strong and durable.

These ceramics are hand made in a Sunshine Coast studio, from Australian Clay Bodies.

Please note: each bowl is hand made. Each piece will vary slightly in shape, size and colour.
Measures approx 14 cm with 300 mls soy wax candle

Bowls are sold individually
Assorted scents available