Clove and Sandalwood Aroma Oil

Clove and Sandalwood Aroma Oil

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Earthy and luxe. Heady notes of jasmine at the heart develop into a rich woody base. The ultimate blend of rich spices and musky masculine tones.

Ignite your senses and create the space you desire this Australian made aroma oil. It contain ingredients that are 100% biorenewable, biodegradable and biocompatible, and derived from botanical sources. Add a few drops to your Ceramic Oil Burner or Aromatherapy Diffuser. This aroma oil is designed for pure indulgence.

Contains cedarwood essential oil, orange essential oil, lemon essential oil, elemi essential oil, patchouli essential oil


When aroma oil is added to water, it will have a cloudy appearance. This is the oil's unique way of dispersing through the water completely to ensure high performance.